Introduction to me and my life

Get to know the author and editor of this blog.

I am a Oxfordshire based teenager with a fairly strong interest in photography and media; expect all of this in this blog and more. To help you get to know me a little bit better, my first post is based on an introduction to me; David Lartey. My dream has always been to be my own boss and have my own business, so after many years, I’ve decided to take action to put my dreams in motion. I have loved all things media, photography, music and filmography since studying it at school. Fortunately for me, the media plays a huge part in society and our lifestyle, meaning that I can apply my passion to my lifestyle, in the form of this blog. To avoid sounding too much like a CV, I’ll move on. With regards to my style, my choices can range from simplicity to over the top and I welcome all suggestions and criticisms within reason. The best words I’d use to describe myself, without sounding overly arrogant, are curious, creative and proactive. On that note, I welcome everyone to my life on a screen, stay tuned for more.

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